Ten Proactive Tips to Keep Your Engine Safe

Several factors can ensure a smooth ride with your car and a long life for the engine. The adage – a stitch in time saves nine – applies to your vehicle too. Here are ten practical tips to keep your car engine safe and working at optimal levels.

  1. Changing Oil at Regular Intervals

A Proper viscosity of the oil is necessary to keep the engine well lubricated and prevent overheating. While changing the oil, spare a thought for the oil filter. If you notice the filter clogged, do not hesitate to get it changed.

  1. Care for the Cooling System

Regularly check the coolant or radiator fluid to avoid overheating of the engine

  1. Let the Engine Breathe

A clean air filter is essential to allow the engine breathe properly. Keep it clean or replace when needed

  1. Leaks can be Bothersome

Occasionally check the car to see if there are any noticeable leaks. Remember that minor leaks can turn into a major trouble quickly.

  1. Gas Tank

Keep your gas tank filled regularly. Drawing out the last drop can pump in additional junk accumulated in the reservoir.

  1. Check the Belts

Engine belt breaking when you are on the move can potentially cause significant damage to the engine. If you check it at regular intervals, you can avoid the blues.

  1. Do not ignore the Warning Lights

Modern cars have a series of warning lights on the dashboard. If you take corrective action immediately, you can avoid serious problems with the car and even the occupants.

  1. Replacing the Fuel Filter

The fuel filter is responsible for supplying clean fuel to the engine. Accessing the filter in some cars may be difficult, but a mechanic can quickly replace the filter.

  1. Avoid Stop-start Driving

Constant stop and starts like in city driving can put plenty of strain on the car’s engine. Driving consistently has several benefits including a long life of the engine and saves on fuel costs.

  1. Spark Plugs and Wires

With most cars, a spark plug is good enough for about 30,000 miles. Give it a good look and keep a set of new spark plugs ready.

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