Ten Tips to Help You Save on Motoring Costs

There are more ways than one to minimise the cost of owning your car, irrespective of whether it is idling on the driveway or consuming the miles on a motorway. These measures include avoiding parking charges to a reduced insurance premium. The ten tips below will cover many areas where you can scrap some dollars month after month.

  1. Refuelling

Understand the fuel efficiency of your car and tailor refuelling to address your needs across a week or month. Online websites can also help you find cheapest diesel or petrol deals closest to you.

  1. Improve the Way You Drive

Keep an eye on how you use the gears. Remember that ideal use of gears can save up to 15% on your fuel bill.

  1. Speed Matters

At 75 to 80 km/h, you can expect the best mileage from your car. Exceed this by about 8 km/h and you will notice the fuel bill going up by nearly 25%

  1. Insurance

Cheapest insurance for your car comes from deep research. Research thoroughly before each renewal and plan some questions to ask the carrier.

  1. Routine Servicing

Routine servicing for your car may be a difficult job. With regular checks carried out by experienced mechanics can save you a pile.

  1. Consider Shared Rides

Carpooling is a good idea to save costs on fuel as well as the ageing effect on the car. Carpool.ie is a helpful site to learn more on this.

  1. Parking

Online parking spots tend to offer lower prices compared to the regular places. Book parking online and you could save up to 50%

  1. Rent a Car

Renting a car at time may be a smart decision than riding one for short term needs

  1. Keep Tyres Properly Inflated

Poor tyre pressure can impact your fuel efficiency by as much as 2%

  1. Pass Mandatory Fitness Test

Most states in Australia prescribe mandatory fitness tests. Passing these tests will save you from unexpected shocks and avoidable inconvenience.

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