Avoid Getting Scammed!!! Here are a Few Tips to Find the Right Car Mechanic

Finding the right mechanic to treat your car is a nightmare! Taking your car to a new car mechanic is frightening because not all car mechanics in Marrickville are as honest and good as they should be!

Just imagine you are cruising down the highway lending your ears to the favourite beats of Nick Cave and suddenly your car’s “check engine” light blinks on. Would it be so pleasing to encounter a man with tobacco-filled mouth, oily cap, grease-soaked coveralls or dirty hands while taking your vehicle into an automotive shop? Absolutely no and it’s quite embarrassing! If the same mechanic checks your car and tells you to replace the catalytic converter, car’s air filter and more for no reason, would you believe in him? Obviously, you will sense something fishy right?

Finding a good mechanic who can take better care of your car is always a gruesome task! Here is a whittled list of a few tips to consider while choosing a mechanic for your car.

Know Your Car

Whenever people go to a mechanic and if he tells to replace some parts or that some system needs flushing, they will just nod like they understand. But inevitably, they don’t! Even I do the same! Wink!! This ignorance will be a great advantage for scammers. So, learning how your car operates and the working of each part of your car is the first step in finding a good mechanic. Read out the user manual or head to a local library or quick search of “how a car works” on Google can help you to gain some knowledge on this area.

Perform Your Homework

Doing your homework helps you to grab the best deal on auto repair, enables you compare one shop to another, and know if a price is fair or a rip off. Make a deep research on the type of repair you needed based on the make, model, and year of your car. Always choose a price between the top and bottom end, so that it would give you a decent idea of a fair price.

Get Referrals

To find a good mechanic, look for positive testimonials from your friends, neighbours or family members. Also, ask questions like are they trustworthy, were the repairs done in a timely manner, and more to find a reliable and honest car mechanic in Marrickville.

Choose a Specialty Shop

Always choose a mechanic who specialises in the particular make and model of your car. Selecting the one who works on all makes and models is not a good choice because one can never be an expert in all makes and models. Also, they are more likely to order or courier in parts for your car rather than having them on-hand, which leads to longer repair period.

In addition to these, you should also ask about the type of certification they hold to trust them on big repairs.

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