Our Audi Specialists in Sydney

At City Garage, the leading provider of Audi service in Sydney, our professionals ensure that we provide an exceptional service that fulfils your expectation and meets our rigid standards for quality, integrity, and safety. Our authorised Audi specialists in Sydney have undergone extensive training to provide a top-notch service that is second to none. They are well-versed in the proper use of repair equipment and Audi technology. We guarantee that our Audi repair in Sydney meets even the stringent repair criteria and deliver your vehicle in a good working condition. Our systematic approach to Audi repair involves only the use of top-quality oils, fluids, performance parts, and more.

We also perform installation, upgrade, and tuning of Audi A4, TT, S4 performance parts, and more. Our facility is fully equipped to offer Audi performance mods and upgrades at the most affordable costs.  From a simple high-performance air intake to the search of a racing-derived coil-over suspension system, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve stocked an extensive inventory of Audi performance parts, OEM tuning parts, Audi replacement parts and accessories, aftermarket kits for performing tune-ups and conversion upgrades, and more at affordable costs.

Our service centre is fully stocked, clean, and orderly to deliver a unique and comprehensive Audi service, repair, and maintenance in Sydney. Our professionals utilise only the latest technology to diagnose issues with your car and are qualified enough to explain what is dysfunctional in your vehicle, so there are no hidden costs or issues.

The professionals at City Garage are well-trained in Audi key replacement, Audi performance parts installation, Audi performance parts upgrade, Audi A6 tuning, Audi TT performance parts installation and service, Audi S4 performance parts installation and service, Audi A4 performance upgrades, and more.

Are you worried about the Audi service cost in Sydney? Don’t fret! Join our list of Audi owners to experience better quality service and save money in the long run.

With years of experience behind us, we have come to be reckoned as the No.1 Audi repair and service specialists in Sydney. One visit to our best-in-class workshop will convince you that the diagnostic facilities and servicing equipment can hardly be found anywhere else in the country.  Our technicians bring a mix of expertise and a wealth of knowledge about Audi cars. You can be rest assured that even minute details will never escape their attention. They will invariably follow all the servicing specifications and schedules laid down by Audi while handling your vehicle. You can rely on us to handle not just routine servicing, but any other complex problem with your Audi car. Some of the possible issues include gearbox, brake repairs, suspension, and engine diagnostics.

Audi Service Sydney

As you might already know, car owners are no more required to take their car to the main dealer for servicing during the warranty period. The law has recently been amended to give car owners a wider choice.  You can now pick a service centre of your choice and save money in the process.  We are already the preferred service centre for many Audi owners in Sydney and we welcome you to join our long list of satisfied Audi owners. Your warranty will remain intact while you experience better quality service at a more affordable cost.

Looking after your Audi – Benefits of Regular Servicing

Most car owners tend to postpone neglect regular servicing for one reason or the other. When the car gets stuck on a busy day, you can imagine the travails it brings along. You can easily avoid this when you hire us. We can even arrange to pick up your car and deliver it within certain geographical limits. Whether it’s battery or brake check, starter motor testing or alternator checking, we are right here to assist you.

Audi Specialists

Our specialist Audi mechanics cover and not limited too:

Audi key replacement

Audi performance parts

Audi performance tuning

Audi A4 performance parts

Audi A6 tuning

Audi TT performance parts

Audi S4 performance parts

Audi A4 performance upgrades


How often should I replace the timing belt on my Audi?

It depends on the year, model, and the engine type of your Audi. It is advisable to replace it every 60,000 to 10,000 miles. However, to be on safer side, it is recommended to replace it earlier around 90,000 miles. Opting for an early replacement can protect your vehicle from expensive damage. Timing belt glazing, cracking, abrasion, engine misfire, and the engine won’t start are some of the signs that indicate your timing belt needs a replacement. Please call us at (02) 9519 9288 for Audi repair in Sydney.

How often should I get my Audi serviced?

You should service your Audi every 5,000 miles or after 1 year delivery, whichever occurs first. After that, you should get your Audi serviced every 10,000 miles or one year. At City Garage, we are specialised in Audi repair and service. Our technicians will inspect your vehicle, change oil, check brake system and wiper blades and performs a wheel alignment. Ask our Audi specialist Sydney if your Audi is due for scheduled maintenance.

Do you use genuine factory parts?

Yes! Quality is important to us, so we use only genuine OEM parts! Parts made from Original Equipment Manufacturers have been tested by Audi to meet the standards they set and make it to the service intervals they have set. At City Garage, we deliver exceptional service at a fair price. Call us on (02) 9519 9288 for Audi repair in Sydney.

What does it mean if Check Engine light illuminates in my Audi?

The check engine light is a part of the on-board diagnostics system in your Audi.
If the check engine light is illuminated in your dashboard, it means your Audi has detected a problem within its OBD system. The faulty fuel injector,             emission control malfunction, cracked and loose hoses, worn out spark plugs, and loose gas cap are some of the issues that can trigger the check engine light to illuminate. Bring your car to our centre and our Audi mechanic Sydney will be able to identify the problem by connecting your Audi to a diagnostic tool and recommend a proper course of action.

How much should I expect to pay for regular maintenance for my Audi?

The cost of maintaining your Audi varies based on the condition, age, and model of your vehicle. However, the Audi service cost is relatively cheaper when compared to the price to its repair and replacement. Audi cars require servicing just like any other car, and there is nothing particularly expensive about the oils, filters and other service items. Moreover, the service interval is long when compared to other premium brands.  Call us at (02) 9519 9288 for getting a free quote.

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